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If you have arrived at this site feeling disillusioned with your career, this career coach, Bristol, will assist. If you have “played by the rules” and “done as they said”. If you got qualified and put in the hard graft. If you have invested in your CPD, shown up, and networked until even you are bored of your own spiel. If having earned your title and status and found seniority in your chosen field, you are STILL thinking …

” …Is THIS It ..?”

Then you are right where you need to be & nothing has been wasted.

When you are competent enough to able to turn your hand anything, but, you haven’t yet found Your Thing. When you are exhausted, stuck, and frustrated …

Now is the time and Here is the place to harness all your experiences and choose exactly how to take them forward. You’re here to do important work. Moreover, the world needs you to crack on with that. Now. After years of doing ‘the right thing’, the time is now for you to define Your work, Your life, Your way.

It’s easy to feel too time-poor to give yourself the space to focus on your work ambitions, or you may feel guilty about putting yourself first in this way. But by investing time in yourself and designing your next steps now you will become successful and effective in building the life you want. By honouring your values and putting your work in its rightful place, together, we can develop and nurture your essential purpose on this planet. With that knowledge at your centre, suddenly, your work nourishes your life and vice versa.


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I have provided over 10,000 hours of face-to-face coaching spanning 15 years of my practice. Working across sectors as diverse as AI, publishing, and ethical energy delivery. Working with women in roles ranging from Heads-of departments, to film directors, teachers in senior management and GPs, to surgeons and barristers, I have borne witness time and again to the transformative power of the coaching process. Read more about my story here:

About Me

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I will give you TIME to reflect and set down anything that no longer serves you.

I will give you SPACE to harness those brilliant things that you need to take forward.

These two gifts will provide you with the clarity to design it your way, the energy to take your career forward and the freedom to choose work that MATTERS to you.


“Keep up the good work, Rebecca. You have been a delight to work with. I trusted you almost immediately and you did not let me down. I have no hesitation in recommending you unreservedly to anyone ready to put the work into changing their life or work life. Your skill and insight deserve a large audience.” John M 

Whether that’s chartering the course for the next stage or change in your career;

 explore the site to learn more about how working with this coach can change your world for the better. 


Career Coach Bristol 

“Hearing Rebecca read my story back to me was an entirely different process to reading it back myself. I felt able to have some distance from it, hearing how my story may appear to an outsider. I was able to sit back and focus on listening, and let my words sink in. The culmination of months of work with Rebecca was laid out before me. It made me feel accountable to myself, it made my words real, and it made me ready for action.”

Q Leila Gamaz

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“Think you know yourself? Try coaching and find out just how much you know about who you are and what you can do.

You will be surprised in the most magnificent way!”            

Q’ Sam W 

Rebecca can happily work UK-wide and internationally via telephone or Zoom.