Leadership Coaching: Unrealised Talent

Leadership: Unrealised Talent

Leadership Coaching: Unrealised Talent. You might be a leader and not even know it… Leaders come on all shapes and forms. Last month I had an experience where I was cornered into recognising my own leadership ability I set out on a mission online. I extended the invitation for others to join. Suddenly I was leading […]

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Career Coaching: Agility

Embrace Change: I Dare You!

Career Coaching: Agility: I was thinking about relationships and why it is some survive and some do not. I believe it’s connected to the level of agility within each partner. We all change as the years go by. It’s about co-existence in a relationship where both parties are going to shift their perspectives ever so […]

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Career Coaching: Retirement

Retiring…..? Now What????

Career coaching: Retirement: Those of you who are more sensible than me (and make the appropriate provision) might well have the opportunity to take retirement much earlier than the mandatory 60-odd years. I’m sure that will be a relief on some levels, gaining you both financial and time freedoms you’ve never had before. I guess it […]

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