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Leadership & Self-Care

Leadership Coaching: Self-Care. Whilst it might sound simplistic, in your leadership role don’t neglect self-care. Yep! Leadership Does involve being well aware of others hopes, needs, and agenda. Focus too much outside of yourself however and you risk losing your own core. “You can’t give away what you haven’t got” If like me, you were raised […]

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Leadership Coaching Potential 

Excitement in Leadership: How to tip the Balance

Leadership Coaching Potential: Have you ever noticed that there is a fine line between anxiety and excitement? So, how do we tip the balance? Speaking with a client I’d work with a couple of years ago she voiced the in‘starting her business in Bali, “all that heavy anxiety had been transformed into the excitement, every […]

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Career Coaching: Wrong

Work Triggers

Career Coaching Triggers: Are you getting triggered at work? Do you want to take your power back? The only way I know to do this is to ‘own it’. And how can you do that? Try asking yourself this question: “What belief am I holding about myself that means that I am getting triggered by […]

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Leadership Coaching Trust

Leadership: Taking The First Steps

Leadership Coaching Trust: How do you know if you’re a leader? Well, you don’t until you start something and find that people are following…Well, why would you do that? Very simply, you’d do that because it matters. To try to lead change, with no guarantees of success, with no hint of any followers….to take that […]

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