How To Generate You Own Career Change Advice

My apologies but I cannot give you career change advice. Why? Because however similar we appear to be, we cannot share the same core values & thus we will not be working with the same beliefs.
We might be the same gender, approximate age, the same ethnic origin, and from a similar socio-economic group. We might have similar ethical and environmental opinions. We might be exactly the same personality type or team role strengths or even passed through similar industry sectors in the past decade,
But, whatever we appear to have in common in the present, none of that can account for the route we took to get here.
As much as coaching is purported to “be about the present and the future”, we cannot make good decisions about the future if we are not willing to examine what we have learned from the past. There is gold in there!

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So this is why I cannot possibly advise you on the form that your career change might take. Because to do so would be for me to be making massive assumptions regarding your history and the meaning of your work now.
In fact, the more similarities we appear to have when we meet in the present, the more vigilant both coach and client must be about over-empathising with each other’s Journeys. Unconcious bias and assumptions might mean we are not be being true to your pathway.
If a BME, 19-year-old male was to sit down opposite me, I would instantly be conscious of our differences. What we might find as we work together is that we have more similarities than it would at first appear. But, with an individual who seems to be the same, assumptions are all too easily. When assumptions are made by any coach then the client’s journey is abandoned.

Generating Your Own Career Change Advice

So this work relies on the coaches ability to be wrong and the client’s ability to honest and rigorous in expressing that.
As your coach, I need to take your journey. I need to be really careful that way do not skew that organic growth, which, if we really remain true to that pathway, will generate your own career change, your way.
When you take ownership of that, the pathway is clear. This is how you get to make your coach redundant.
Try it! I dare you!

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