Imposter Syndrome


Career Coach: Imposter syndrome is SO common. Much more common than you would ever imagine. When you see how some people ‘present’ themselves, you would assume they have never doubted themselves and their ability to do their job, ever. I would counteract that by saying the everyone has their doubts on some days. Comparing your inside self to others outside is never a fair comparison. Imposter syndrome can become a real problem and prevent you from being the best person you can be. Imposter syndrome can also prevent you from enjoying you work on a regular basis and neither of those are any fun at all. That’s when action is needed:

career coach: imposter syndrome

Working With your thoughts and getting perspective: Reframing is a very powerful technique to use when you feel like you are beyond “faking it to make it”. Try this: Take yourself back to a time when you did something really well. Doesn’t matter what age you are, it is merely important that you knew you had done the task well. Breathe into that experience and remember how it felt in you body, to have had that success. This means you have evidence that you can be successful. That changes the chemicals flowing around your body. That means you can take on the next task or say. Do it regularly, make a list you can refer to that will trigger too into your successful place. That will evidence that you are capable of taking risks and having a successful outcome. 

Career Coach: Imposter Syndrome

Give Yourself a Treat and Be With Those You Love: To do this challenges that belief you are holding about your diminished value. This action rewards you for being you. Pleasure and distraction will arrest the downward spiral. 

Try Being Assertive. Asserting what you need, even if it is non-work related or in the smallest of ways, is the exact opposite of imposter syndrome. It immediately joins you up with the rest of the human race. It also proves that you are potent and can change things and have an impact. 

Call A Friend: Someone who holds you in good heart and who you respect, and get them to tell you three good things about you. Then say “Thank You” and breathe it in. No refuting this evidence. Be elegant and grateful and receive it as the nourishment that was meant. 

Generate The Mantra That Will Comfort You: Often with imposter syndrome, it’s the Young You that is scared. What do you need to set to comfort that small person that you were so that she feels safe and the adult can proceed…

Consider Your Support Network: Who are the people who support you in both a personal and a professional sense? Ate they genuinely holding you in good heart, or is the competitiveness and downward spiral behaviours. Might you seek a mentor who will have been in the place you have been in your industry and will be able to guide you and mirror back your brilliance. 

Revisit Your Purpose: if you have carved out the time to work out what you are doing here on this planet then this is the time to revisit that and remind yourself what it is you contribute. If you don’t yet know what your contribution to the wider world is, feel free to contact me. We can talk. 

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