Career Coaching: Encouragement. One of the things I am noticing strongly in my work with clients is how much people are discounting their achievements. It seems ‘in lockdown’, we miss the mirrors of other people’s gratitude and affirmation of what we have achieved. I think this can be very similar to those of us who are self-employed. We do not realise how much we do in a day. We simply crack on because we are the only person who can. I had a colleague who, when she got contracted by her local council to do a piece I’d work with significant seniority, came away saying:

‘but what do those people do all day???’

Here I am not criticising the council (well maybe a bit!), but my emphasis lies more on the fact that we have no measure of our achievements. The danger here is that means we have no occasion to reward them. The non-reward, non-celebration, non-acknowledgment, these all equal Burn Out. When we do not take time to reflect, we are destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. When we do not celebrate, we begin each new learning cycle undernourished.

Looking at the Gestalt Cycle of Awareness, if we skip the “Satisfaction” and the “Withdrawl” aspects of each experience, we have no energy to begin the next:


That is not sustainable. The cures?

Be clear about your goals

Peer up, share these goals for accountability

Share successes and obstacles overcome.

Celebrate: These can be small celebrations (& they don’t all need to involve chocolate, wine or cheese – but many will). Sometimes being witnessed and affirmed is just what we need. Only then move on, renewed.

Reflect and Reward yourself, regularly. This will make a HUGE difference to your energy levels.

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