Career Coaching:  How to make a career change.

Career Coaching:  How to make a career change? Here’s a radical idea: in order to make a career change, how about you do a recce of what it is you LIKE doing.
Yes, I know you want to maintain your salary. Yes, I also know you are good at doing what you ‘should’. I’m sure you have rocked up, day after day, and done as you were told, and been good. This is how you have gained your seniority and, so far ‘being good‘ has worked for you.
However, have you had enough of this now? Are you done with squashing yourself into the shapes that others demand you be? Or do you want more of this putting your real self and all the strengths that go with it, aside, gathering dust?

career coaching: How to make a career change.

I don’t remember anyone at school asking “what do you really love doing?” When it came to the session with the careers counselor. I think I was asked instead “what do you want to be when you grow up?” – this gave me limited options from the repertoire of the grown-ups I knew. I could only imagine ‘Dr’ or ‘teacher’ or ‘Vet’ and I kinda knew I didn’t want to do any of that.
Now, We, YOU, have an advantage  — having survived the past few decades now you know who you are and what drives you: Might it be time to reflect and harness all the information about yourself and the wisdom you have gained. Is it time to pick it up, carry it wholesale from its current professional location, and re-site it in a place that you love?

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