Negativity Bias

Career Coaching: Negativity Bias. The human brain is designed to have a negative bias. It is entirely designed to be looking for danger like a heat-seeking missile. This is how we have survived so long.

This Negativity Bias is not always an asset, especially when you want to live forward or change a habit or begin something new. If your brain is constantly occupied looking for risk and assessing what didn’t work, how on Earth is it possible to find the energy, time and space to make new, exciting things happen.

What’s the solution? In my experience it’s gratitude. Yep! Those religious zealots had a point! Here’s how to do it without spending your Sunday mornings in church … Here’s a simple Task:

Career Coaching: Negativity Bias

Every night think of five things you feel grateful for that happened during your day. Then think of 3 things that you did well. Share them with your partner if you want and hear their reciprocal answers. Yep! That’s it. Repeat it every night. Make it a ritual, a tiny celebration of the day and of your life and you will utterly change your brain chemistry. You see we have neuroplasticity. That means that with thoughts, words and, actions, we can utterly change which bits of the brain we use. We can therefore, alter the pathways thoughts follow, the chemicals released and how we feel. With this little bit of discipline, we can evidence that during the toughest of days, there has been most to be grateful for. During the most challenging projects, we have demonstrated your strengths.

With this evidence, accumulated, things in the future seem more possible. Try it, nightly, for three weeks. See how you feel about your potential from that. No change? You can quit. If you find you feel more capable, positive, competent, then you might wish to continue …

Try it: It could just be life-changing 

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