Who’s Worst at Making Career Decisions?

Career Guidance 2018: Who do you think is ‘worst’ at knowing what to do next in their professional development?  Would you be surprised if I told said that it was those of you who did best at school who struggle most in managing your next steps? Why? Because those of us who are really excellent at meeting other people’s metrics are WELL out of practice when it comes to listening to our own.

Having collaborated with the awesome Jamie Catto this weekend, I am full of gratitude for his reinforcement that We DO all know exactly what we need.

… If. We. Would. Only. But. Listen …

 Our heart tells us, Our body tells us, Our soul is crying out for what we each need.

 We ignore this wisdom. We retreat to our heads. We retreat to comfort zone of having conversations we will never actually have in order that we can control the outcome. We blatantly ignore our wisdom by engaging with the things we learned to do aged 6, but that no longer serve us here in our adulthood.
Why? Because it feels safe:
Is it working?
Mostly, No.
Catto’s strapline of “WE ARE EACH OF US A WISE GURU IN CHARGE OF A MENTAL PATIENT” feels pertinent. Our brains are busy in the past. Our brains are consumed in present with perceived dangers. Our brains are full of the future’s narratives.
Our brains are so busy being anywhere but here that we ignore what we are.
We ignore what we have and the gift of the moment we are in.
Here. Now. Present.
Career Guidance 2018
When I volunteer the suggestion that …  “there has never been a better time in our history for you to do exactly what you want to earn your living…” the response is the inevitable…but, I don’t know what that is..” And so, we begin the process of asking, and pausing, and listening for the response.
 We were so educated to be ‘in our heads’ that we have forgotten to access the rest of us.
This especially applies to you who “made the grade”. I bet that the higher your marks, the harder you worked. You wanted more of the affirmation that came from your achievement. And, who wouldn’t?
That success, however, might be exactly what squashed your real response.
Every time you ticked the box it was a “Win”. AND, those boxes were so limited in themselves. Thus, in adulthood, it is hard to access the internal wisdom what you already hold.

My Career Guidance 2018?

So, my career guidance is this: Fuck anyone else and clear a space for you: Make a space where you can be curious, where you can listen and where you can welcome what needs to be heard. All we need is within us at any moment.
I dare you!

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