Your Career: The “What” & The “Why”

Career guidance UK: It is as impossible to provide specific career guidance Uk, as it is to provide it to any other country or continent. Why? Because career guidance needs to be tailored to each individual.

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Of course, the input needed for getting a job in China would be significantly different from the protocols we follow here in the UK. Equally each human needs the autonomy to do it their way too. There is no such thing as the typical English person, a typical woman, a typical active personality type or typical Myers Briggs preference …. we are all made up of a thousand different variables in our past experiences, future hopes, and inherent strengths in between.

The trick is not to simply give geo-specific career guidance because this is only one of the threads in the whole rich tapestry that we weave. Effective career guidance needs to be designed to meet the unique needs of each person in the way that they need to be met.

Career guidance UK?

The more information you can share about your needs and your best way of working, the better a fit the journey will be. The more questions you coach can ask and the more she actually listens, the richer the work will be.

It is said that “Assumption is the mother of all fxxk ups!” And in my experience, this is totally true. We need to be rigorous in making sure that we are sharing and receiving the right information or we will go astray.

Let’s stay on track and then we can design it your way. We can take the time to establish what you need in order to make good decisions around your professional development, then we can build that platform in order that you can see exactly what you need to reach next for your self.

Career Guidance Uk

This is the way you get to know ‘The What” & “The Why”: “The what” is the thing that you will do and the next steps you need to take to make that happen. “The Why” gives you the knowledge of understanding what is driving this for you. This is the information that will empower you to take the step after and the step after that. This information provides you with the autonomy of knowing the purpose of each step you choose.

Shall we begin? I dare you!

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