Career Coaching what's next

What’s Next For You?

Career Coaching: What’s Next? This morning has consisted of a flurry of emails and calls from existing and new clients wanting to resume or begin coaching. What’s happened? I think that mostly, we are all beginning to recognise that life will never be the same again and secondly that life must go on anyway. With Lockdown, […]

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career coaching tenderness

Try a Little Tenderness 

Career coaching: Tenderness. Despite the easing of lockdown. The damage has been done. I don’t mean just to our economy, I also mean that the damage has been done regarding how we perceive our selves, our lives, and our work… There isn’t one client who isn’t showing up believing something needs to change with their […]

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career coaching authentically you

Authentically, You.

Career coaching: Authentically, You. Corvid-19 is bringing authenticity with it. I hope we can never go back to the incongruous nature of pretending to ‘be’ what our role is. Working from home while juggling the kids, managing our emotional processes, and working digitally mean that the real you will have been seeping our all over the […]

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Career Coaching: Mistakes

Your Mistakes Are SO Valuable!

Career Coaching: Mistakes. Mistakes are valuable, REALLY valuable. Mistakes are rich with learning. We can only access this learning if we choose not to beat ourselves up. If we get stuck in the self-punishment loop, there is no way we can summons the energy to debrief and find the gift. I have seen plenty of people […]

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Career Coaching True Feasibility

True Feasibility

Career Coaching: True Feasibility. I’ve been looking at trees. What if we treated our careers more like nature treats her growth? What if, like trees, we headed for the longevity of the growth of a trunk as opposed to the cheap flare of momentary satisfaction of blossom? In our current lockdown, I am conscious more than ever […]

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