Career Coaching Stuck

Is Your Career Stuck?

  Career Coaching: Stuck. So, you have discovered you don’t like your current job. You have an idea of what you’d like to do next…. and…. You. Are. Stuck. It’s not a nice feeling is it? Dreading the work each morning, although at least you don’t have to show it to everyone now you are working […]

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career coaching roles reversed

Career Coaching: Roles Reversed 

Career Coaching: Roles Reversed. I’m seeing something new in our career landscape. I’m seeing men en masse experiencing something that mostly only women saw before. With the pandemic, men have been furloughed or are working remotely and this means they are missing all the mirroring we humans usually benefit from at work. There are fewer […]

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career coaching time for change

Time for Change?

Career Coaching: Time for Change? Imagine this: Remote working has shown you that it is possible to do your job from ANYWHERE in the world! Just imagine… you could work on a sun-drenched Cretan beach or sitting by a cool lake in Austria, or even on a snowy mountain top. Imagine being able to swim, or […]

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career coach heal thyself

Heal Thyself

Career Coaching: Heal Thyself. Guess what I have done. I have is spent 6 months taking my own advice (!!!!), and I have surrounded myself with people and groups aligned to my purpose… I have a business coach, a branding strategist, an accountability partner. A peer coach. A mentor, two supervisors (one Shamanic and one Clinical) […]

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Career coaching perfection


Career Coaching: Perfection. Do you doubt you can ever find your perfect career or business enterprise? I did too and yet, here I am, about to enter phase two. I spent years in the wilderness of what I believed was a career disaster. I have just spent the last seven years adoring being a Daemon. Now, […]

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career coaching your future self

Career Coaching: Your Future-Self 

Career Coaching: Your Future-Self. Does it feel like time is elastic to you? Looking back, I now recognise that I have had glimpses of my future-selves in the past. Then I have pinged straight back to where I was, a bit bemused at the potential I have seen, and continued as normall and pretended it had […]

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Career Coaching: Who will you NOT let down?

Career coaching: Your Answers Are Inside 

Career coaching: Your Answers Are Inside. When trying to birth a true business or career pathway, patience is essential. You see it’s really easy to meet someone else’s brief. It’s really easy to show up and do what needs doing – it’s so obvious what needs doing. When letting your true pathway emerge you have to do […]

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career coaching take your time

Career Coaching: Take Your Time! 

Career Coaching: Take Your Time! I am SUCH a “human-doing”!!!!! Honestly, I plow on, until I literally hit the wall! And my husband looks at me in dismay as I am surprised by this outcome all over again! Last night I was stopped in my tracks and I took what is for me, a RADICAL choice. […]

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career coaching ask

Career Coaching: Ask!

Career Coaching: Ask! As a Northerner, I was brought up with the belief that ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’. However, as a woman, I was raised to believe that I had to ‘be a good girl’ and to be wait to be invited. I have never known how to square that circle. I have […]

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career coaching healing

Doing the Healing Work

Career Coaching: Healing! What I’m noticing is that this pandemic is bringing up SO much healing for people   ^^^ What’s that got to do with your career or business? Well, in my experience, when people show up for career coaching, take the lid off, and the real difficulty sometimes lies somewhere else. That doesn’t mean […]

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