Is it Worth Talking to a Career Coach? 

Is it worth talking to a career coach?
Well, the bottom line is that it depends on the career coach.
And it certainly depends on the relationship you build between the two of you.
The REAL work gets done when the relationship is strong – because this is what provides psychological safety.
It DOESN’T mean you need to agree on everything — An echo chamber wouldn’t serve you if you are looking at making real career changes.
You will need someone who can give totally different perspectives AND hold that space well.

Is it Worth Talking to a Career Coach?

As a career coach, I am not here to agree with you.
My job is to be just the right side of provocative to elicit new perspectives and answers from you.
Whilst simultaneously holding the space for you to be open and willing to explore this as-yet-unknown territory
So, it’s only worth talking to a career coach more than once if there is TRUST.
With trust, you can do anything. You can go to places that are uncomfortable or full of possibilities, and often, they are BOTH because you are held within deep trust.

Come and talk to me, and we can see if those possibilities lie between us.

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