Leadership Coaching Goals

One of the main Leadership Coaching Goals is this:  To Make Yourself Redundant. You have to enable your team to find their own way…..


“I think one of the key traits of a true leader is the ability to get things done through other people. If no one is following you, even if you have the title, you’re not a leader. The effective leaders are the ones who empower others.”

As Steve Jobs said ‘it makes no sense to hire brilliant people and then tell them what to do” But, isn’t that exactly what we are tempted to do! If like me you were raised in a culture that is “top-down, do as you’re told”, then it is a challenge to do the opposite allow the answers to emerge.  Raised in the “top-down-do-as-I-tell-you” culture it is also a challenge not to feel over-responsible for those we have hired.

Looking at it from the outside, of course, we know they don’t need parenting, they are adults. But that old program is easily triggered by stress or fear or pressure and the default setting tries to reassert itself.

So what then?

Leadership Coaching Goals

Recognise it, step back, breathe… remove yourself from the building if you have to….

Go get Grounded. Go get a new perspective. Go fill your lungs with new air … open yourself to the possibility that there are other ways…

Then and only then, re-enter and ask what it is that your team need in order to achieve XY&Z by 4 pm next Tuesday. Ask them these three things:

  • What do they need?
  • How does it look from each of their perspectives?
  • & How can you help them?

Support them. Be present in service of them. Allow their expertise to guide your journey together. Your goal is to provide what they need in order to get it done… Go on, make yourself redundant

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