Leadership & Self-Care

Leadership Coaching: Self-Care. Whilst it might sound simplistic, in your leadership role don’t neglect self-care. Yep! Leadership Does involve being well aware of others hopes, needs, and agenda. Focus too much outside of yourself however and you risk losing your own core.

“You can’t give away what you haven’t got”
If like me, you were raised by post-war babies, then you too will be awash with this belief:  It is rude, or arrogant, or selfish, to take what you need first. Really????

Leadership Coaching: Self-Care

In reality, if we refuse to nourish ourselves first, we are being irresponsible, as we cannot possibly meet our promise. We cannot sustain giving without fuelling ourselves first. I recognised a pattern in me this year… “Hey! There’s a whole heap of space after Christmas, we could fly away to a hot place and rest’. Actually, what I need to do to nourish myself is to rest right where I am. I need to stop running and grasping and giving. I need to sit, to be with myself, to appreciate the lull of the year. So, aside from volunteering with the homeless on New Year’s Eve. I shall be closing the doors to be with myself and my little family. I need nourishment, I need to pause, I need to reflect and regroup. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a hell of a year. There have been personal losses and rich professional joys. I need to consolidate.

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I shall give myself the gift of time. The gifts of being still, of visiting local green spaces. The gift of not having to be anything to anyone else is the single most nourishing thing I can do. Do it for me, and for those I support. Empty Leadership is unsustainable. We have to walk our talk!
Gift Yourself Time: I Dare You!

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