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Despite current economic circumstances, there are businesses based in the UK that experiencing unprecedented success. These successful enterprises are independent, values-led, ethical and creative businesses. These are the businesses that can really capitalise on leadership coaching. These businesses have built their reputation on authenticity and honest trading. If you are one of these invaluable enterprises I’m here to assist.

If you are experiencing challenges and conflicts in harnessing your successes in any of the following ways then I can help:

High staff turnover: rising hiring, firing and training costs.
Feeling your values are diluted, dissolving or diverging.
High anxiety and loss of joy in running your businesses.
Fire-fighting instead of strategising.

“Enabling continued excellence with a whole systems approach to your organisational growth “

Combining 25 years of experience of team dynamics and the cross-sector cultural wisdom of clinical supervision, I enable continuing business excellence with a whole-systems approach to your organisational growth. I bring with me a whole raft of coaching interventions by which it is my ambition to keep leaders rooted in practicality. It is also my ethos to ensure that leaders are acting in service of their organisational responsibility.

As a woman raised in the strict protocols of a headmistress as a mother I can recognise redundant rules a mile off. I am a disruptor with the utter trust that creating space will enable things to rebuild. I work with the notion of leadership in service of the organisation. In exploring “Why it is that Leadership programmes fail” Mckinsey states that:

“Leadership development programmes run with total disregard of the contexts of culture or sector.”

This leadership coach enables the directors of each business or organisation to play to their own unique strengths. Honouring leadership at all levels of an organisation enables the engagement of all employees and the nurturing of homegrown talent.

I will help you to re-align with your core values.

I will free you from the complexities of management so that you can work on developing your strategy for change.

I will enable you to engage leadership inherent  in all layers of your business

I will help you maintain your agility in your marketplace.

I will empower you to maintain your own sustainability well into your future.


Purposeful Professional Development.

Giving you time by holding a reflective space in order that you can: Choose to set down those things that no longer serve you. Harness those things that you want to take forward. Choose exactly how you wish the next bit to look.

 We can make this happen for you.

leadership coaching

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