What Is The Purpose of Your Business?

Leadership Development: What is your Purpose? And Why does it matter???? Have you heard that question before? If you have heard it but have no idea what “knowing your purpose” serves, then here’s the information you might need.

What does the question mean? When someone asks you about the purpose of your business, what they really want to know it “what is the point” of providing the widget or service that you do.

When you know the purpose of your business or your mission, that purpose of your endeavours beyond your own fulfilment in salary, belonging and enjoyment. When you know what purpose your endeavours serve out in the world, then this is the information that will pull you through the challenges and overcome the barriers that all businesses encounter
If you have concerns around the impact that external changes could have on your enterprise, for example how Brexit might have on your trade, if you believe that the product or service that you are providing will enrich humanity, then you will do it anyway. The challenges generated by such external circumstances haven’t gone away. What had happened is that you have empowered yourself with enough passion to want to make this thing still happen despite ( or to spite?) those things that are out of your control
It is much easier to promote your enterprise if you believe it is values-led and of service. It is much easier to engage the support of the peoples whose skills you need if this endeavour benefits more than you. It is much easier to work collaboratively when others have seen the purpose of what you are trying to do. Collaboration is definitely the way to generate the best solutions as a group of people working towards an agreed goal is WAY more valuable than the sum of its parts.
Leadership Development in yourself, your business and individual teams is SO much easier when everyone is signed up to the same ambition. If that Business Purpose is overt, then it is easy to engage all who need to hold the power within your endeavour. If you are all travelling towards the same goal you have far greater chance of getting there, together.
Leadership Development

How To Find Your Business Purpose

Here are the three questions:

What is your wider contribution to the world
what do you want your legacy to be
What do you want people to say of you?
If, when you have answered these for yourself, and you find that your widget or service you are providing meets those criteria then you are onto an absolute winner. That means that your business ambitions are aligned with your personal values and beliefs.
People are also so much more forgiving of mistakes that are made along the way of the business is of service to more than your ken bank balance. And mistakes are always made in business, this is how Humans learn. With kindness and engagement with purpose, these lessons can be swiftly embedded and used for good

Leadership Development 

So, if it seems ‘fluffy’ to put the work in to identify your purpose, maybe it is time to think again. Knowing why you want to do what you want to do, and knowing how that will benefit others, could make your leadership role so much easier and more pleasurable in a multitude of pragmatic ways.

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