Professional Development Trends

Professional Development Trends: The professional landscape changes daily. Changes are driven by money and politics and global markets. Driven by eternal influences this landscape is mostly out of our control. Professional Development trends follow these changes in the work landscape and these too are outside our remit of design. The piece of the employment jigsaw that is in our control is knowing ourselves.

We can focus on harnessing our own professional skills, knowledge and personal attributes and using them appropriately.

professional development trends

Here is a link to current professional development trends in the US. I have used the US as a model because what happens the other side of Atlantic usually swiftly crosses to us here in the UK and this way we can be prepared.

Knowing what changes are afoot externally is essential in order to know what ‘need’ we can fulfil. No Need = No Role. Once we have identified this external need, it is then our responsibility to see what we have personally and professionally that can fulfil that requirement.

Real Professional Development Trends = Know Thyself

“What we really need to do is to take it time to reflect on what we already have.”

It’s important to really know yourself. Identifying your own capacity to adapt, rename, and repurpose your own inherent skills. Often we believe we need to get more professional development and more qualifications and learn more skills. This is in part a result of the consumerist society within which we live. Sometimes what we really need to do is to take it time to reflect on what we already have.This way we can harness our current assets and take them forward to a new professional place.

“this is where the sweet spot lies”

This first and foremost of the professional development trends is about bringing it right back to you and then (& only then), can you see how you can meet the external need or trend… this is where the sweet spot lies. The place where your passion meets your skills meet that which is needed, all join up together. This is the real professional trend: Managing your own career autonomously with authenticity. Taking ownership of what you already have and hereby taking control of your next professional steps.

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