“Put that phone down”

Is a phrase frequently hurled at me by my husband and not only do I resent him for it, simultaneously I also know that he is right!

Firstly as a coach, supervisor, business owner, mother, and all the other hats I wear, much of my world is organised using this device…. And because it is done on the hoof, this work goes by I acknowledged. Secondly I do know that I surrender to the temptations of social media and indulgences of online scrabble ….. Everyone is entitled to some ‘down-time’ right?

And yet if I am honest I may be doing myself few favours by giving in to this magnetic pull. If I need to really connect with a human, better to do so in person, with coffee in hand and hearts open than by observation from afar over Facebook? If I want to get truly competitive then might engaging in a realtime thrashing at cards over the kitchen table with my friend be more rewarding and indeed hilarious at these times? 

I discovered to my own cost that there is a darker side to the flexibility of Being-Very-Busy and over-using my ‘device’. I have found that it gives me the ability to deceive myself. I can pretend to myself that I am working when I am actually avoiding a difficult-thing by face-booking. I can avoid and sidestep the confrontations that might be arising between myself and my son, or husband or even colleagues. Most importently I can avoid myself. I can avoid processing my own emotional reactions to both the joys and failures of both my professional and personal lives. These feelings are natural, normal, and require my regular attentions. I can easily avoid this essential, gentle confrontation with myself using technology. I can fill all the spaces in between. I can keep on moving, nay, driving forwards and neglect to reflect on the here and now. 

And the cost of this trick that I play on myself is that when I do finally allow myself to pause, when I do put down my phone and head to a beautiful place, when I do dim the screen and pause long enough to breathe and enjoy the gift of being present….. What I encounter instead is a huge and unpleasant backlog of unprocessed feelings and reactions and internal responses, somewhat akin to unprocessed sewerage…… So before I can make the very most of being right where I am, I have a whole heap of effluent to deal with.

My advice? Put down the phone, pause and reflect….. do it regularly……. In fact do it now!

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