career coaching really heard

Career Coaching: Really Heard

Career Coaching: Really Heard. How does it feel for you when you are heard? And, what happens as a result of that witnessing? My experiences show it’s VALUABLE! . Today I had a mundane, small boy-related, ‘I’m excluded’ incident. Doesn’t matter now what it was. But, when I got back from the school run I was […]

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career coaching workaholic

Career Coaching: Workaholic 

Career Coaching: Workaholic. So,  how’s your ‘responsible workaholic”? Just asking because mine has been in full flow during the last 18 months…I have taken myself to the wall and beyond several times and now this needs to stop. And, my question was not an insult. The “Responsible Workaholic” is a personality type named in Karlah’s Process […]

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career coaching 30 year old men

Career Coaching: 30-year-old Men

Career Coaching: 30-year-old Men – There’s something different happening. Far more Younger men are coming to coaching. In the past decade, it’s been the women who showed up here aged 35 saying ‘I don’t know what I do want to do but it sure ain’t this!” The men didn’t show up until a decade later, at best. Following […]

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Career Coaching: When failure becomes strength

When Failure Becomes Strength

Career Coaching: When Failure Becomes Strength. Have you ever failed? Have you ever fxxked something up so badly, maybe even publicly, that you no longer want to exist, let alone trying it again? Yep! Me too! I think what happens is that we get ‘failure’ all tangled up with shame. Then we get stuck. What we need to […]

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Career Coaching have you been hijacked

Career Coaching: Have You Been Hijacked?

Career Coaching: Have You Been Hijacked? Have you spent a lifetime being hijacked into working on visions belonging to others? Are you that can-do individual who gets hauled in to collaborate, problem-solve, design the way forward? Has it ever dawned on you that you could be using all of your skills, capabilities, and experiences in […]

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Career Coaching: Reimagining Our Future 

Career Coaching: Reimagining Our Future. According to LinkedIn “e-commerce worker” is the top in-demand job right now. Interesting that this was never an option on my careers list – The world has changed in the intervening decades.  And, The world has changed dramatically in the last 18 months due to the pandemic. Bring able to purchase goods online […]

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