career coaching emergence

Career Coaching: Emergence

Career Coaching: Emergence. Are you a patient person? I’m not, I know I’m prone to pushing and shoving to make things happen. I then get bruised, exhausted, and frustrated, and then I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong….. Making a big transition work-wise WILL take TIME. I know for my part, that once I have […]

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career coaching total freedom

Career Coaching: Total Freedom 

Career Coaching: Total Freedom – It’s intriguing that when we have total freedom, how difficult it is to decide what to do! Who knew? I don’t know about you, but, when things are really busy with the boy and the business, I can find myself wanting to shrug all these responsibilities off all at once. Speaking with someone […]

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career coaching confidence

Career Coaching: Confidence

Career Coaching: Confidence comes through doing “It”. Confidence does not magically arrive by talking about it, or thinking about it, or even from writing about it. Confidence through taking the risk, actually DOING it, and then reflecting to work out what you need to do differently next time. Whatever learning style you believe you have, […]

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career coaching encouragement

A Little Piece of Tenderness

Career Coaching: Encouragement. Here’s a little letter I wrote for some gentle encouragement today.  I hope it helps you if you too are feeling overwhelmed. ___ “I wanted to let you know that I hear you. I hear your ‘defeated’ and the exhaustion that lies beneath that. There are good reasons for this: It is time to […]

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