Career Coaching: Portfolio Career

Managing Your ​Portfolio Career

Career Coaching: Portfolio Career. Increasingly people come to me seeking their Professional Thing, only to find that what they really want, is a series of Professional Things. They want to earn thier living by honouring several strands of things that they love. This is perfectly possible and very joyous for certain personality types. These days […]

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Career Coach: Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

  Career Coach: Imposter syndrome is SO common. Much more common than you would ever imagine. When you see how some people ‘present’ themselves, you would assume they have never doubted themselves and their ability to do their job, ever. I would counteract that by saying the everyone has their doubts on some days. Comparing […]

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Career Coach: joy

Career coach: Joy

Career coach: Joy. Is it possible to find work that gives you joy as well as an income? Absolutely! Did anyone tell you at school that this was possible? Or were you expected to fulfill someone else’s pre-defined category?With most people, I meet the answer is often sadly, ‘Absolutely’ all over again… “The place God calls […]

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Career Coaching: Agility

Embrace Change: I Dare You!

Career Coaching: Agility: I was thinking about relationships and why it is some survive and some do not. I believe it’s connected to the level of agility within each partner. We all change as the years go by. It’s about co-existence in a relationship where both parties are going to shift their perspectives ever so […]

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Career Coaching: Retirement

Retiring…..? Now What????

Career coaching: Retirement: Those of you who are more sensible than me (and make the appropriate provision) might well have the opportunity to take retirement much earlier than the mandatory 60-odd years. I’m sure that will be a relief on some levels, gaining you both financial and time freedoms you’ve never had before. I guess it […]

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Career Coaching: Detective Work

Maximising Your Professional Potential

Career coaching: Detective work. I see people come in who are bright, competent, inspiring change-makers…. but…, they still can’t put themselves forward. This is inevitably due to a belief they hold about themselves form the past. Whilst it has no apparent relevance in the here and now. It is still operating within their lives. I’ve had […]

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Leadership Coaching: Change

Leading Change

Leadership Coaching: Change. In my experience, change can only be led from a grounded place. Usually, grounded means the lived experience place. If you haven’t been through the experience yourself, you’d better be open and willing to co-create with those who have: These are the people who know what’s needed. These are the people who […]

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