career coaching growth

Career Coaching: Growth 

Career Coaching: Growth. “If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing,” says my business coach, and I know he’s right. Calvin Coolidge says, “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work“ Saturday, (yes, the bank holiday weekend!) I decided I was going to bite the bullet and […]

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career coaching roles reversed

Career Coaching: Roles Reversed 

Career Coaching: Roles Reversed. I’m seeing something new in our career landscape. I’m seeing men en masse experiencing something that mostly only women saw before. With the pandemic, men have been furloughed or are working remotely and this means they are missing all the mirroring we humans usually benefit from at work. There are fewer […]

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career coach heal thyself

Heal Thyself

Career Coaching: Heal Thyself. Guess what I have done. I have is spent 6 months taking my own advice (!!!!), and I have surrounded myself with people and groups aligned to my purpose… I have a business coach, a branding strategist, an accountability partner. A peer coach. A mentor, two supervisors (one Shamanic and one Clinical) […]

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career coaching healing

Doing the Healing Work

Career Coaching: Healing! What I’m noticing is that this pandemic is bringing up SO much healing for people   ^^^ What’s that got to do with your career or business? Well, in my experience, when people show up for career coaching, take the lid off, and the real difficulty sometimes lies somewhere else. That doesn’t mean […]

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career coaching total freedom

Career Coaching: Total Freedom 

Career Coaching: Total Freedom – It’s intriguing that when we have total freedom, how difficult it is to decide what to do! Who knew? I don’t know about you, but, when things are really busy with the boy and the business, I can find myself wanting to shrug all these responsibilities off all at once. Speaking with someone […]

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