Career coaching a client told me this

Career Coaching: A Client Told Me This …

Career Coaching: A Client Told Me This … . Whilst I would never use a client’s words on the grounds of confidentiality, in short, what she said was that, mid-way through this coaching process that she was REALLY struggling with work and her world. I thought it might be useful for more than just her to […]

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career coaching take your time

Career Coaching: Take Your Time! 

Career Coaching: Take Your Time! I am SUCH a “human-doing”!!!!! Honestly, I plow on, until I literally hit the wall! And my husband looks at me in dismay as I am surprised by this outcome all over again! Last night I was stopped in my tracks and I took what is for me, a RADICAL choice. […]

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Career Coaching Upscaling

Career Coaching: Upscaling

Career Coaching: Upscaling your career or business is exciting and upscaling is also a terrifying thing. So what’s the way to take good care of yourself whilst you take the next steps? Humans usually need to be quite uncomfortable before they will make changes. People like to think that they welcome change and innovate. In […]

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Career Coaching sovereignty

Your Sovereignty

Career Coaching: Sovereignty. There’s a type of client who shows up here who has no notion whatsoever of their incredible value. If they are so valuable, why are they showing up here to work with a career coach at all? They are showing up here because, having so little understanding of their intrinsic value, they keep giving it […]

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Career Coaching What Matters

What Really Matters?

Career coaching: What Matters? Ok, so here we are facing a pandemic. Most of us are in lockdown. Who would have thought this would be happening! In fact, from a business point of view, 2020 never had the clarity its title promised. With Brexit looming, no business could even have a 12-month forecast as we have […]

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Leadership Coaching: Freedom

Leadership Coaching: Freedom 

Leadership Coaching: Freedom. If you are in a leadership role and it feels toxic, remember you really can still leave. If you are feeling unhappy, you can actually go. Whether you were the founder, or are a partner, if it was your idea, to begin with, but it has all turned to sh*t, remember you can just […]

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Career Coaching: Negativity Bias

Negativity Bias

Career Coaching: Negativity Bias. The human brain is designed to have a negative bias. It is entirely designed to be looking for danger like a heat-seeking missile. This is how we have survived so long. This Negativity Bias is not always an asset, especially when you want to live forward or change a habit or […]

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Career Coaching: Permission

Whose Hoops Are You Jumping Through?

Career Coaching: Permission. One  of the roles of a career coach is that of granting permission. Permission to what? Permission to do this career-thing in the way YOU want. Often we arrive in our adulthood and we are absolutely full of ‘shoulds & oughts’. You may have been absolutely playing by ‘the rules’ for years. […]

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Career Coaching: Insanity

To Do This Is Insanity!

Career coaching: Insanity. In order to change your circumstances, you need to act differently. In order to act differently, you need to take risks. Humans are generally risk-averse. This is a natural part of our psyche. We don’t want to step into the unknown. We want to know exactly what the outcome will be if […]

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Leadership Coaching: Humility

Humility in Leadership

Leadership Coaching: Humility. Every worked with someone who can’t admit they got it wrong? How infuriating is that? Everyone makes mistakes. In most cases, the sky doesn’t fall in. So much is lost if those mistakes aren’t acknowledged: the lessons contained within and often the loyalty of those who know exactly what happened. The more […]

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