career coaching coming unraveled

Coming Unraveled

Career Coaching: Coming Unraveled: As I coach more, whilst my clients are learning about themselves, I too am learning about myself. I always wondered why this was called “A Coaching Practice”??? When would I have finally qualified? And, if you have done any personal development, you too will know that once you have opened the door […]

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Career Coaching what's next

What’s Next For You?

Career Coaching: What’s Next? This morning has consisted of a flurry of emails and calls from existing and new clients wanting to resume or begin coaching. What’s happened? I think that mostly, we are all beginning to recognise that life will never be the same again and secondly that life must go on anyway. With Lockdown, […]

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career coaching authentically you

Authentically, You.

Career coaching: Authentically, You. Corvid-19 is bringing authenticity with it. I hope we can never go back to the incongruous nature of pretending to ‘be’ what our role is. Working from home while juggling the kids, managing our emotional processes, and working digitally mean that the real you will have been seeping our all over the […]

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