The Career Coaching Programme

“Wielding the Divine Feminine at work leads to wise decision-making in life, work and leadership.”

Pulled between life roles?

Are you exhausted by being pulled between your life roles; the business and the kids, your parents, your home? Maybe you’re wondering, as you support everyone else, exactly who’s got your back? 

Emerging from lockdown

Many of us are emerging from Lockdown, wondering exactly who we are, what we bring, and where we want to go next professionally. You may be facing redundancy, seeking promotion, looking for a new job or needing a career change in its entirety. If you feel you have gone unrewarded for all you give for far too long, here’s a safe way to ask yourself the big questions. If having played by the rules and gained professional success, you STILL feel deeply unfulfilled on the inside; this is the coaching programme for you.


“ Yesterday was amazing. My mind is blown. I’ve been achieving all the things. I have not been celebrating them. I have given myself the task of celebrating me. Honestly, yesterday evening was mind-blowing.  I want alchemy. It’s time for me to consciously choose.” Fay B


Let us help you connect with your Divine Feminine

Connecting with the energy of the Divine Feminine will give you the time to reflectto come to realise your value, and to know that you deserve success.  The Divine Feminine creates the space so that you reconnect with your own wisdom. 

Our space is an opportunity to find your way of being real at work, of honouring your core values and stepping into your authority. Whether you seek a value-filled career or want to redefine ‘doing business’ as an enjoyable experience, this way, here you can find your passion and the first steps to making it happen. 

Our process is the crucible of generosity and collaboration, of excitement and exploration.A safe space where you can take the deep dive together.

This process is radical. It goes totally against what we have been taught to believe. And, this is precisely where the alchemy takes place

Design your life, your way. 

It’s Time.

 Are You In? 


A 6-Week Intensive Coaching Programme,

“The Divine Feminine at Work”

Designed to equip you to make wise decisions about your career or business life.

The Divine Feminine at Work Coaching Programme helps you to reconnect with Who you are. The process enables you to know exactly What you bring to the table and How to step into your power. From here, it is easy to choose Where to go next for a career and life that nourishes you.

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How Does It Work?

career coaching programme

There will be six, weekly, two-hour-long zoom sessions: 

A clear structure to follow, group work, solo tasks, more intimate sharings in rooms. A mass of resources for clarity and empowerment.  You will really need to show up for each other and yourselves to benefit from this peer support and reciprocity.  Expect tears, expect WAY more laughter as together we witness the unfurling of your pathway through to your truth.

Then, there will be a 90 minute, one-to-one coaching session with me for each of you to ensure you integrate the work and take away the very best from this process. 

There will be the invitation to join the closed community with those who are on this path already so you can continue to be nourished by divine feminine energy. Here, you will find the love and support you deserve and the accountability you need to take these new steps of yours out into the world.

Lastly, there will be the opportunity for ongoing support with me. 

Participants are limited to six to maintain intimacy for this immersion.


The Next Programme Begins Thursday, November 4th, 8-10 pm 

The Cost is £850

Super-Bird £775 – until October 14th

Early-Bird £800 – until October 28th


(Prices for the 2022 Programmes will be £1500 each)


If you are ready to take this deep dive, then please book yourself here.

 You will be so welcome  


“I had to work really hard to clear the space of ‘life’ in order to get to these sessions, but, once I arrived, this has been a true haven for me”

Sharon L Art psychotherapist


Or, if you prefer to work with me one-to-one then. take a look here.

 explore ONE-To-ONE Work  

2021 Programme Dates:

(Prices for the 2021 Programmes are be £850 each)

Feb 4th – March 25th: Fully Booked

June 3rd – July 15th: Fully Booked

November 4th – 9th December: Spaces 


2022 Programme Dates

(Prices for the 2022 three month Programmes will be £1500 each)

Feb 3rd – March 10th: Spaces

May 5th – June 9th: Spaces

September 29th – November 3rd: Spaces


divine Feminine at work


“Possible Selves and Career Transition: It’s Who You Want to Be, Not What You Want to Do.”

Plimmer & Schmidt

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