What Can A Career Coach Do for You?

Whilst I do not have your answers, what I do have is the questions to trigger you into discovering what you already know. 


The “How” of Coaching: If reading the words “The Career For Life Has Gone” and “now you are in charge” discomforts you, I can help you understand and transform your fears. I can provide the space to hold the questions you might have of yourself, the explorations you need to make, and, the plan you need to devise in order to step forward onto a new path on your professional journey.

The ‘options’ we chose in our teens are mostly redundant as we change and grow as adults. The economic climate means that most sectors are riddled with cuts and redundancies and people are either doing two jobs or have been left with no job at all. Thus we are left with “The Portfolio Career”, the career path that we manage ourselves. Juggling financial responsibilities with the loss of a job, or, managing deep job dissatisfaction begins to take its toll. Change requires courage and the alignment of heart and mind, only then can you can achieve exactly what you want. The good news is that you do not need to face this challenge alone.


Together we can work out your next steps.

Career Transitions Start-Up Programme

3 months bespoke support to include:

Exploring your career needs and your preferred ways of learning, using interventions sourced from a variety of therapeutic disciplines, from Socrates to contemporary NLP techniques, we will take this journey together. Engaging primarily with Robert Dilt’s Neurological Levels this working document will serve as a means of communication between our sessions. Working through the levels your Coach will pull in the interventions required so that you can generate your own solutions to the challenges or blocks identified. You will have six, 90 minute, coaching sessions, our working document and ongoing email support. You will take with you the strong career profile we have developed together. You will leave our time together with the courage of your convictions, a comprehensive picture of your career needs, and, clarity regarding your own strengths. You will know the next steps to take to realise your career ambitions.

How it Works

As your coach, I have an invisible bag of Interventions drawn from a wide variety of therapeutic sources, from 2000-year-old Socratic Questioning, right through to profoundly effective NLP techniques. Together we will explore your needs and identify your best way of learning.

For Diagnostics & Exploration:

Dilt’s neurological levels, MBTI, The Process Model, Clean Language.

For Deciding on The Next Step:

Identification of career satisfaction drivers, Core Values, NLP & Well-Formed Outcomes, The GROW model

For Managing Change:

Prochaska’s stages of change Kubler Ross change curve. Bridges three stages of transition

For confidence:

Discover your strengths, 360-review,

For Your Future 

The Well-Formed Outcomes Document will be your map for your next decade.


“Together we shall design our working alliance.”

Please contact me to book your informal session to explore your coaching needs.

 This Career Transitions Start-up Coaching includes:

Three months bespoke support: 6 one-to-one coaching sessions either face to face or by telephone. Our working document which we will design together and contribute to throughout the process. A series of interventions designed especially for you in order to identify your career path and dissolve your resistance. Access to ongoing email support during our work together and a coach to walk alongside you on this journey for the duration of this period.

Cost in total £1,000.00-£1,500.00 dependent on your income. 


“Possible Selves and Career Transition: It’s Who You Want to Be, Not What You Want to Do.”

Plimmer & Schmidt

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