Career coaching: Self-belief. Can you believe in your own success? Some individuals seem to know their worth easily. The rest of us seem to battle daily with thy belief that we are ‘good enough’. Personally, on a vulnerable day, I can swing between momentarily delighted at what I have just achieved, and back down to full-blown ‘imposter syndrome’. I have been a business owner in this industry sector for over a decade… what’s that all about?

Whilst it might appear irrational to have this kind of thought, that doesn’t mean it feels any less real. From Coachees I have worked with, one way to challenge this seems to be to set yourself really clear goals. This way, when you achieve them, the evidence is incontrovertible!

These goals may not be the same ones you line manager or business requires of you. These goals will be much more bespoke to you. If you set yourself goals that are a stretch for you, but are achievable, then you will not only grow in confidence, but also in skills. This is you taking charge of your own personal and professional development. 

Career Coaching: Self-belief

For example, having worked recently with someone who had been very swiftly promoted, several grades above her expectation, she was left reeling. A big pay rise, lots of autonomy and juicy responsibility, what’s not to like? What was not to like was the reality that whilst her seniors had recognised her incredible potential, they hadn’t even considered that she might need help in order to realise it. She not only needed educating about the business, but she also needed encouragement to set her own goals.

She left our work with an industry-specific mentor in place, and also a strong idea of what she needed to do for herself to ensure her confidence and her success. The sense of relief was palpable. With her goals in place, she knows what she wants to get done. When each of them is ticked off the list, her confidence will grow exponentially. Then she can begin to trust herself. 

Sometimes it’s not enough for others to tell you that you are talented or brilliant. What you might need to do, if you can’t hear these compliments, is set your own metrics. When you have achieved those you will know for yourself that you are good enough.

Take charge of your own confidence. Try it: I dare you!

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