Partnerships in Career Transition

Career Transition Partnership: Never try to transition your career alone. Nope I am not seeking to promote my coaching services, I am simply saying that we cannot possibly see what we are really capable of achieving in our professional world without a set of mirrors around us.

I suspect it’s the usual Protestant work ethos that dominates our Northern European psyche, but still we feel fear around owning our own Brilliances. This is why we need mirrors. Mirrors show is what is really there without the judgement.
How do we get mirrors? On the whole they come in the form of other people. These are the individuals that we respect and who hold us in good heart. These are people who are courageous and refuse to shy away from telling us how they see it. These are the people who persist in telling us, even when we have failed to accept the complement a hundred times over. These are the people who refuse to take it as an insult when we bat there observations away or inelegantly squirm and dismiss what they see. These are the people we need to hold close. They may be bosses or friends we have known since we were five,   They may be the colleagues who know their own worth and thus are not threatened by ours. They may be mentors or partners or even our own children. Children are very astute.
And what is our responsibility in this process? Our responsibility is to learn how to accept a complement each time it comes out way. As our mirrors have the courage to keep showing up and sharing. We need to have the courage keep showing up and  challenging the fear that comes from owning a complement. To keep showing up and being brave enough to hear and internalise the implication of a strength. To practise being able to withstand the responsibility inherent in having brilliance. That is why we need career transition partnership. They enable us to see what we can really do, and, without them we risk missing our rightful professional opportunities.
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