Don’t take it for granted

It’s easy to notice the irritations of our lives. The small problems that seemingly will not be solved. There’s the colleague who is leaving that piece of work undone, again! there’s child who stubbornly refuses to meet expectations. There is the husband who appears to maliciously (like he has the time to plot against me!), leave the same unwashed cup in the same unattended place, and, the the tap still drips……..

And do you know what? Life Is Too Short.

Beautiful early July always holds echoes of past losses for me. And the beauty and the losses bring into sharp focus the value of what ‘is’, in the here and now. The value of loving friendships, the teamwork in the relationship, the completely bemusing marvel that is our son, and the joy that is my work with amazing and talented colleagues and clients.

IMHO if you don’t like something? Change it. If you cant change it? ignore it. And most of all, ensure you seek out the beauty in the people, places and spaces around you. What else is there? There may indeed be reincarnation, but until I have proof I will not squander this life……

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