How Do You Reward Yourself?

In this society we are overly encouraged to ‘buy’ ourselves treats as rewards for success. I believe however that reward comes in many forms……Yesterday was a huge professional turning point for me, and today I feel depleted. I know that it took a huge push to achieve my goal yesterday. Luckily, what I also know about myself is that in “the gestalt cycle of learning”, the place that my past interjects with my present, preventing my from completing the circuit, is right where I should be celebrating and rewarding myself for such success….

As ‘selfless’ as that sounds, the fact that I have failed to reward reward myself before leaping onto the next project, means I begin the next cycle of learning from a depleted place…… I thus put my new project and all who sail in her, at risk.

What I take from this knowledge is the awareness that enables me to attend to and to change my response to my own success. This self knowledge means I can choose to to do it differently. I can take a bit of time and ‘hang-out’ with The Boy, I can speak kindly to myself and congratulate myself on what I have achieved, most importantly I can ensure that I do NOT leap straight into the to-do list that is the inevitable consequence of doing something well. For that to-do list is the beginning of the next circle of learning and can frankly wait for a day.

So do you ensure you celebrate your achievements? Or do you risk your next projects by leaping right into the next cycle of learning without this preparation….?


“Possible selves and career transition; it’s who you want to be, not what you want to do.” Plimmer and Schmidt 2007