Take A Single Step

Career Coaching: A Single Step. That really is what it takes to change your whole life. I shall tell you why.

I have clients who show up here with absolutely no knowledge of what it is they want to do. We go on a hunt for that thing and when we find it, and we do, then we work out how it can happen.
I get other clients that show up who have had a dream for an age. And they have equally had that same amount of time to raise every objection to seeing that dream through. You were probably raised to believe in the career for life and taking ‘the sensible option’… the news is, (be it good news or bad…?), that the career for life has gone.  Now those who succeed are those who are willing to take a risk or two and really follow their hearts.

My guidance on this second scenario has two parts.

Firstly carve out the time for yourself to really visualize how your dream job? role? organisation? movement? might actually look. Be with it. Dream Big, no holds barred. What do you really, REALLY want.
Now anchor that in your cube senses. What will you see & hear, what will you be able to touch, taste and smell? Then check out how you feel? If there is excitement this is good. If there is fear this means you care. If there is sadness, it’s ok to grieve the time you spent not honouring this, and now I’d the time to take action to change that. If you feel joy then you’ve hit the nail on the head. If the sensation is in your chest then this plot lives in your in the heart zone. If this is the case then you might even have a responsibility to see it through as this will be you bringing your best self to the world and it’s most likely a waste to not only you, but to others as well, if you don’t honor it… (no pressure then!)
So now you’ve established the place you want to be, answer this question.

Career Coaching: A Single Step

“What is the first thing that I can do will take me closer to that ambition?”
Answer that, and ACTION it, and you are on your way. Any journey starts with just one step. When you have completed that one, check in with the vision and ask yourself the same question again…. as you keep taking it step-by-step a whole new vista will open up before you. However, as you have no guarantees of that whatsoever, take it slowly and see what you see.

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I had an individual sitting in front of me literally saying ‘ I don’t know whether to stay where I am or run away to Australia’. This was not because he particularly wants to be in Australia, it was because he so doesn’t want to be trapped in his current role…..  vision you future. Then taking it step-by-step you decide your own middle way and you can step off this bi-polar mental machine. I never said this would be easy but I can absolutely guarantee that it will be worth it!
Take One Step: I Dare You

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