Celebration is Essential!

Career Coaching: Celebration. Celebrating success? Have you ever noticed that we don’t do it generally? We are a product of Protestant work ethic programming. We carry messages of “arrogance” or “pride before a fall”. When we fail to celebrate our successes, then we start the next cycle of learning undernourished and tired. Celebrating a win is essential to our sustainability.

Career Coaching: Celebration

We are not a naturally reflective culture. We have become so used to focusing on being Yang, the doing energy, we totally forget to be yin, and to stop, stand still and take a look around us to see where we are. This means we do not make informed decisions about or next steps Looking at The Gestalt Cycle of Learning, If you skip the reflection part then you will fail to learn what you need to do differently next time. Then you will be doomed to “rinse and repeat”.   If we skip the celebration part then we start the next cycle of learning exhausted and empty.

Challenging those beliefs that it is dangerous to succeed and to celebrate are essential to our success.  Only then can you bring your best, nourished and learned self to your next project, role or sector. Only by reflection and learning can we bring wisdom to your next thing. 

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