Career coaching what have you learned

Do What You Love

Career Coaching: Do What You Love. A client said yesterday ‘are you treating me like a normal client, Rebecca?”. I stopped taking notes and responded ‘what makes you ask that?”. She said, “well, I didn’t know this would be enjoyable… are we actually getting any work done?” To be fair we had just been giggling, However, This question! After […]

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Career Coaching Feminine energy

Career Coaching: Feminine Energy

Career Coaching: Feminine Energy: I’m gonna take a risk here and share a thought. I have coached people for a decade, and a pattern is emerging. I see two types of energy in people’s professional development. I’m talking feminine and masculine energies, and there is a huge benefit in both. Here’s why: Let’s be clear, by masculine […]

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career coaching tenderness

Try a Little Tenderness 

Career coaching: Tenderness. Despite the easing of lockdown. The damage has been done. I don’t mean just to our economy, I also mean that the damage has been done regarding how we perceive our selves, our lives, and our work… There isn’t one client who isn’t showing up believing something needs to change with their […]

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Career Coaching: Mistakes

Your Mistakes Are SO Valuable!

Career Coaching: Mistakes. Mistakes are valuable, REALLY valuable. Mistakes are rich with learning. We can only access this learning if we choose not to beat ourselves up. If we get stuck in the self-punishment loop, there is no way we can summons the energy to debrief and find the gift. I have seen plenty of people […]

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Career Coaching: Transformation


Career Coaching: Transformation. True change very rarely looks like I imagine it will. In my eyes, it should look ginormous. There should be upheaval and a decent amount of chaos, there might be stress and even shouting… In reality, the current crisis is re-enforcing what I was already coming to know. True change is much, much […]

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Career Coaching Idleness


Career Coaching: Idleness. Are there days when you do not want to show up? Are there days when even the things you are most passionate about in your professional world leave you unmotivated and stale?  Want the good news? That is entirely normal and makes you only human. And the second bit of good news? Even by […]

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Career coaching celebration

Celebration is Essential!

Career Coaching: Celebration. Celebrating success? Have you ever noticed that we don’t do it generally? We are a product of Protestant work ethic programming. We carry messages of “arrogance” or “pride before a fall”. When we fail to celebrate our successes, then we start the next cycle of learning undernourished and tired. Celebrating a win […]

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