Do What You Love

Career Coaching:  Do What You Love. I get people coming to work work with me, saying things like “I’m not good at XY&Z and I need to work on that”. I think this is an erroneous approach. This is the legacy that our education system has left us with, their remit is to give everyone a good all-round education, from which you can choose your route. Now you have left that, you are free to drop those things that don’t suit you.

The reason that you are ‘..not good at XY&Z…’ is probably because you don’t enjoy it. Therefore you may not have practiced it too much. Even if that isn’t the rationale, If you don’t enjoy something, why on Earth would you choose to spend more time on that thing. I am learning to spend more time doing the things that I enjoy and to hand those things that I don’t enjoy over to others.

Career Coaching:  Do What You Love

There is a person who genuinely enjoys making sure my books are all aligned. There is a woman who takes great pleasure in working out my marketing strategy. There is a man who excels at maintaining my website. Whilst I did like designing it and putting it up, WordPress updates and link-checking are just not my bag. I have no desire to do any of these things. I can do them, but I have no flair for them.
I am utterly grateful that others do these things (& enjoy them!), on my behalf. What that does for me is to free up my time to do the things I enjoy.  That is called playing to my strengths. When I play to those when I create more time to work collaboratively, face to face with clients. I do it well.
So my advice would be to drop trying to strengthen the aspects you are not so good at. If there is a someone that enjoys doing it, give it to them and do, strengthen and step right into your authority in those bits that you love

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