Career Coaching: Get A Mentor

Career Coaching: Get A Mentor. Go on, be brave and find somebody you admire. If it’s terrifying to approach them then you respect them enough for them to be useful to you. Ask. If you get a “No” refuse to take it personally and move on. Most successful people love to share what they know and, some may be too busy – that’s not about you. Having a mentor will stop you from having to go it alone and reinventing the wheel. Having a mentor will enable you to make peace with mistakes and to celebrate success.

Why? Because they have been exactly where you have before. They have been full of self-doubt and then risked pushing on through to the success beyond. They probably still do! They have also made mistakes (how do you think they got so good at what they do???). They too have been triggered into despair and embarrassment at whatever that thing was that came out of their mouth unvetted. They too have pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and had to carry right on! Mentors can show you how to do these things precisely because they have been through them too. 

Career Coaching: Get A Mentor

Mentors can support you when its shit, they can celebrate with you when you have a win. Mentors can share their own survival strategies.

Mentors can be paid, they can be industry-specific, Mentors can be peer mentors, they can be inside your organisation or external. The can be from entirely unrelated industry sectors, What they do need to bring is their good heart. What you need to bring is your willingness to get vulnerable and to admit where you fxxked up. What there needs to be between you is respect. If you don’t respect them then you could not hear the good things that they say about you. To be able to hear “The Good Things” that is most important of all. We all deserve to have someone who has our backs 

Get a mentor – Ask – I dare you! 

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