Career Coaching: Idleness. Are there days when you do not want to show up? Are there days when even the things you are most passionate about in your professional world leave you unmotivated and stale? 

Want the good news? That is entirely normal and makes you only human. And the second bit of good news? Even by showing up and doing the bare minimum, you are probably providing way over the odds compared with someone who doesn’t worry this way, even on their best day.

If we compare our insides with others outsides, especially on social media  it is easy to believe that we should be on full power all of the time. That is not sustainable, not for anybody. 

Career Coaching: Idleness

We are cyclical beings. We will naturally work our way through times where we are enthused. And, we will also hit times when we need to take our foot off the pedal, even take a step back and reflect. If we override these messages then we will burn out.

So, I am here to give you permission to pull back a little. To rest. To reflect. To nourish yourself. Then you can rise again and give of your best. Our Protestant work ethic would have us believe that ‘idling’ is sinful, when if fact, a little bit of “idling’ is essential to your sustainability. Idle – I dare you! It is unlikely the sky will fall in …

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