You Are Better Than You May Ever Know

Career Coaching: You Are Better Than You Know. Our brains have a negative bias. Fact. And? That doesn’t always serve us. Whilst we do need to be vigilant about danger, it is also important to be able to step out of that place and be able to see your possibility too. I am a firm believer of two things: ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’ and ‘If you don’t try, you’ll never know’.I also know that sometimes it’s hard to take that second step without someone in your corner.

Meeting up with a colleague, who had been previously trapped in a financial role in an organisation that was simply not going to succeed. She is now ‘head of’ in a beautiful Organization that is teaching her all she needs to know for her next bit. It took a while for her to notice that the only reason that she could see that the business was not going to work… was that she was pitching WAY below her capabilities in her role.
However, the consequences of pitching far too low in your role can lead to two things:
Firstly, it can be infuriating watching others do it ‘wrong’. Secondly, your confidence can fall as a result of an ineffective environment where you have no potency. Pitching too low means you cannot affect the changes that are needed. If you cannot affect change, for long enough, it becomes difficult to imagine that you ever could. Thus it is easy to end up trapped in a failing organisation, feeling disempowered and ineffective within it. And, simultaneously too low in confidence to leave. After all. Who would want you? Not ideal huh?

Career Coaching: You Are Better Than You Know.

That’s when external intervention can help. Sometimes we need someone to Help us shine a different light on our situation. Sometimes we need to see ourselves through a different lens, though one that is not tainted by our own neurochemistry. And a lease that is not compromised by our environment. Then, and only then can you see your possibilities.
When you can see your possibilities, it is time to ask for a new opportunity. Belief is fed by experience, so, its time to create that experience. Then you will see what you are really capable of.

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