How to Be You Own Authority

There is many a career guidance blog out there. Just google it and you’ll see what I mean… BUT...before you start to look outside of yourself for help, I’d venture a little word of warning if you’ll humour me?
If like me, you can and will turn your hand to most things in order to be useful or make someone day better, then you might already be asking enough of the wrong people what it is you should be doing.
You might instead benefit from turning within to ask your own opinion first…..
I’d be interested to know what happens to you as you read the sentence above? I know for me, that for the first three & half decades of my life, asking others, be it their opinion/permission/assistance, was what I did.

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I was brought up to ‘respect my elders’ and ‘listen to authority’ and for a long time, it didn’t even cross my mind that “I” could feature in the wants, needs and even desires for my career. It felt selfish or arrogant or risky to put myself first. Well, I have news for you, if you do not put yourself first (& I don’t mean st the expense of others, but perhaps in service of being your best self!), then there is nobody else who will.
So if part of continuing professional development involves harnessing your existing skills and capabilities in order that you can choose where to point these next, might I suggest that you also take account of a new capability of yours? That you own that you are capable of being your own authority?
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And what does this involve? It involves listening. It involves developing the subtle skill of carving out quiet time in order to listen to yourself. To ask the question “what next” and to allow (no – not force or prod or self-flagellate!) but to simply listen to what comes forth. Listen for the quiet voice…

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It is there is you make the space to hear it! Now that’s more skilled than most people you’ll meet who are too busy casting around outside of themselves for their answers instead of peeking inside at what’s already there. You’ll absolutely know it when you hear it. & When you honour that you can also add wisdom to you capabilities list <3. I dare you! 

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