Does Your Work Nourish You?

We all deserve to do nourishing work. This work nourishes me as much as it nourishes my clients. Together, we ‘still’ time in order to ensure it is all lining right up and that my client is really listening to themselves and what their past is telling them.

nourishing work

Autonomy, mastery and purpose hold so much more value than Money

This way we pause together so that they can hear also what pulls them forward to their authentic professional future.

“We All Deserve To Do Nourishing Work” 

In this way, individuals can swiftly get right back out into the world in order to realise their fulfilling career ambitions.This was the birth of The Daemon Career Coach; The organic, joyous, collision of all that had gone before in my existence. It all came together in the blink of an eye and became purposeful; My professional development, in service of the professional development of others.

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