Reflecting on ‘good enough’.

I heard myself saying that if I am unable to drop ‘inadequacy’ for myself then at least I should drop it on behalf of my clients’ & as I walked away from this conversation I was suddenly absolutely filled with joy of the possibility of doing this on my own behalf. I suddenly thought ‘for goodness sake I deserve SO much more than this’ & it felt REALLY GOOD! 

I know we always have our eyes on the client and the supervisee & also on our supervisees clients, but, to do this just for me felt gorgeous.
The amount of people who are operating out in the world with no clue as to the true impact of their work or their actions, and who are not curious or courageous enough to ask. And yet I have bern using my extra awareness not to look outward more and believe I can build a business and find out how to do so, but to turn inwards & berate myself for what I do not yet know…….. How self defeating is that? 

I am under no illusion that I do (Or indeed ever will!), know it all, but I am eager to know, to find out, to try new things and thus why should I not benefit personally and indeed professionally and financially. Time to recognise this is self sabotage pure & simple and believe that not only that I am ‘good enough’ but that I truly deserve a successful outcome.

This is to be new mantra  ” I truly deserve a good outcome”  Certainly as much as anyone else :-).

“Possible Selves and CareerTransition: It’s Who You Want to Be, Not What You Want to Do.” Plimmer & Schmidt