The Eye Of The Storm:

There is a moment of peace, that is eerily still & quiet in The midst of any mayhem…..The adrenaline still flows, but the outside world becomes stilled. All I can advise is that this too shall pass….. 

I say this not from a pessimists perspective, but from one that knows that all too soon life will have whipped itself up into an exciting yet exhausting frenzy once again…. I say those words from a place of calm, of which I am ensuring I appreciate every single second. Of sunshine, of time with my son, of time in my relationship and taking care of my home & my friendships. I know that all too soon I shall be on the run once again……. 

Neither is better or worse, frenzy or repose, each nourish me in very different ways. Each are deserving of my full attention…..

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