In My (mostly!), Humble Opinion, good businesses are built at the kitchen table…….So, my first blog on my own site   (previous ramblings at tumblr:  http://artemisbristol.tumblr.com ), and I’m intrigued watching the business relationships that are building before very my eyes.

In the past the words “networking” or “business meeting” could easily make my heart sink as I conjured up images of be-suited individuals confined by hot rooms on sunny days.I’m not entirely sure where this image comes from because I have been networking and having business meetings for two decades now…….

Mostly meetings have been held in dusty studios or people gardens as we plotted underfunded arts events that were rich in talent and in excitement. Networking has often taken place not out on the net, but over chai & thali, as another introduction is made & connection is sealed, when like minded individuals gather. The best and most potent business plots have been hatched late at caffeine-fuelled night with other owls like myself.This is not the world of ‘gentlemen in suits’ on the whole (although I do scub up well enough if the situation demands this of me). What this is, is the generous sharing of ideas and beliefs, of inspirations and ethics. It is the friendships of ‘old’ and the other colleagues and professionals with whom I have shared laughter and ideas, who are now becoming my client base.

These people are approaching me to ask for my help, as I have approached those who had passion and specialist skills in the past. They know me from other parts of our lives, have observed a continuity in the blogging, the LinkedIn platform or even the online scrabble competing (!). They approach me as I would approach you, because I know of you, trust you, know the right person for this job is you. 

I’m loving this kind of business building …. I get to do what I love, I get to encourage you to do what you love, and you and I are doing this so well!  

Beautiful photography courtesy of http://www.robyndylan.co.uk/