You’ve just gotta suck it up!

Really? Is this how you feel about your professional world? Is this good enough for you? 
Exploring the career territory with a Colleague, she had come to the conclusion that, as she couldn’t find out what exactly was wrong with her Job, perhaps she was ‘just the kind of person who doesn’t like working’ and so ‘whatever she did she would hate’ this meant she ‘just had to suck it up & get on with it’…. Really!?!
Now I question this for two reasons. Firstly I see over and over that it IS possible to enjoy 99% of your job, by which I mean REALLY enjoy it.
Secondly I was a bit shocked because when I consider the individual in question. I know her to be a personality that is absolutely unable to sit still for more than five Minutes. I know that when she is not doing her paid role she is always, and I meant ALWAYS contributing to her community. She is always volunteering huge amounts of goodwill and generosity……
So this is someone who’s ‘just gotta suck it up’ is it? Well, I suppose that is a choice…. However my guess is that even if she did identify exactly which bit of her job is causing her so much unhappiness, it may not be something she could change anyway. Sure, put on the head-torch and explore. Play detective and see if you can evidence your suspicions. Sometimes however it’s really ok to say ‘i am not enjoying this and I can quit’.
There is no failure in quitting. In fact, if you do it ‘right’, then it can be an outright success. Firstly you can choose to take the skills from that job on into a role or culture you do enjoy. Secondly you free up your previous job for someone who might love it. Do work you love and you’ll do it well. 
So do give yourself permission to quit if you are not enjoying you work. I don’t mean just run away, I meant identify the bits of you current role that you do like and seek work with more of that. Finding what you really enjoy doing is usually a process of elimination. If you get stuck in the ‘I’ve just gotta suck it up!’ You might deny yourself the chance to define what you really truly love doing 
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