Bruised Ego? Here’s Your Balm!

It’s very easy for it all to be So Serious. &, what I am discovering about business, is that the more open and dis-armed I am, the more fun business development becomes. I am meeting wise and talented people who have learnt not to take themselves or this journey too seriously.

I do not mean these individuals are in anyway unprofessional. What I am saying is that the wise way forward is to be experienced and secure enough to take your human self along on the journey.

We need to take risks, to hear feedback willingly, we need to be vulnerable and to make mistakes in order to learn. If we can have a sense of humour in the mix, so much the better.

As a small person I did what I was told. As an adult and a professional, as a coach and as a supervisor,  I am Insatiably curious about ‘why’ we do that way. I am also not averse to risking trying another way….. Inherent in this has to be the ability to laugh at myself. For all my supposed wisdom, I sometimes fall flat on face……

Laughter is the best balm for a bruised ego ….Try it!

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