Business Basics

Do you know whatI learned today about business basics? When it comes down to the nitty gritty, any business is an entirely practical endeavour. Yep! You can go on training courses and you can read books and you can strategise as much as you like, but, the bottom line lies in ‘just doing it’. And when you are an SMO, you actually do have to do all of it!

Business is Booming!

Guess what? I have caught myself out here. I dropped one of the balls. My plate spinning came crashing right down! Business has been absolutely booming. Every day has been a total pleasure as increasing amounts of bright and brilliant clients have poured through the doors. I began to dream of ‘where next?’.

business basics

Dreaming of ‘where next’ is fantastic, and, it is the privilege of those who are on top on their present. I was not on top of my present. I was not attending to my finances. Whilst I am absolutely in this game for the love of it, the tax man must be placated too. Nope, I didn’t get caught out. Nope I didn’t get fined. Nope I am not running at a loss by any means. What I did do, in the joy and excitement of the face to face client work, was notice (yeah ok, I knew it!), that I hadn’t done any accounts for 15 months.

Back to Business Basics

Why do most small business fail? Here, look at the second reason here at Business Know How:  “Poor Management”. When I read that I found myself thinking: “but poor management was one of the reasons that I want into business in the first place!” But, let us not forget, as an SMO, you have single handedly created the joy of doing it all! So, let us not ‘catch’ poor management, for it is indeed contagious. Let us instead role-model best practise and show how it can best be done.

Business You Can Adore

And so my finances are recorded and sorted and signed off. And, perhaps I did need to rebel a little, to prove I was special and different? What I did nearly prove was that I am not special and different after all. Keeping up with all aspects of your business will ensure you can continue engaging those bit’s of the business that you adore.

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