The Way to Realise Your Career Ambition

The difference between career ambition and career manifestation is time. As I arrived at a seminar today, late, entering by falling down a step that I was rushing down became I was late, it struck me that in that past, rather than be late, I might never have shown up at all. Due to low self-confidence, I may well have skulked off to avoid embarrassment and missed all the opportunities that presented themselves. Instead, I ploughed on into the room, got a laugh for the entrance I made, “that’s one way to be noticed!” was a comment thrown my way. I gained heaps of useful information for my profession and made a very useful connection.

Career Ambition

When clients approach me for career coaching saying things like ‘I’m nearing 30 and I’m frightened because have no notion of what I really want to do’, two things strike me: Firstly how very courageous these people are for not only realising they need some guidance but also for asking for it. One of the many things I avoided for years was the very notion of asking for help, with anything! I was so busy assuming that others knew what they were doing, and berating myself for being unclear, there was no way I was going to admit that I had need of any assistance. I could refine my own career ambition thank you very much…

Career Ambition!

Secondly, it strikes me in retrospect, just what high expectations we have of ourselves. From my fifth decade I know it would have been impossible for me to know my true career before 30 (& rare are those who do!), because I did not have the life experience to be able to recognise it even if I had fallen over it. In fact, I did step into different versions of my current coaching work in my twenties and indeed thirties, but it was not right-timing for me to be there just then.

On the whole, people are well into their 30s before they begin to refine their true career path. The brighter and more capable the individual, the harder it can be to grasp the tail of really authentic professional development. It is well worth remembering that some people never ask these questions of themselves at all.

In summary, ‘better late than never’ seems like a good rule. I had to try (and eliminate!), a lot of career paths before I found a good fit. I had to be brave enough to ask a lot of questions and seek a lot of guidance before I understood what motivates and sustains me. I truly needed to spend that time refining my true career path, jettisoning what didn’t work and harnessing that which had, in order to become the professional I am today.

& Career Manifestation

Had I not had all of those previous experiences, both enjoyable and otherwise, I would not bring such breadth and depth to my practice. So the age at which you begin to feel the call to really refine your career path is almost irrelevant. Nothing that has gone before will have been wasted. ‘Better late than never’ ensures you show up, and in this way, ensure that will get realise your career ambition at just the right time for you.

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