Career Coaching: Communication. If you want to step into your authority,  be congruent with you communication. One of the habits I see is this: an authoritative statement, immediately dismissed by a giggle. In my opinion this is due to fear. Fear of conflict, fear of discomfort, fear of not being liked, fear of the silence that can happen after a request. It’s not only fear for ourselves, we also genuinely don’t want to hurt others.

The thing is, it takes courage to make such a request. It takes energy and commitment to summons’s that courage needed in order to assert what it is you need. So to dissolve that instantaneously is counterproductive. Having worked really hard to ask, if you giggle, then it is way less likely to be taken seriously. That compromises your chances of getting the thing you want and need.

Career Coaching: Communication.

How to stop the giggle? People use a variety of techniques. None of these techniques are comfortable in the short term. They do pay off in the long run. All these techniques are about not filling the pause after you have said what you need.

You can count to five before you make any noise at all. You can rearrange your papers in order to buy the time. You can squidge thera-putty in order to channel your discomfort. You can, when you are confident enough, say what you need, hold eye contact and simply await the response….

Every nerve in your body will want to disrupt, dissolve or dismiss the words you have just voiced. You need to do exactly the opposite. With practice, this will become easier. With practice you will learn that by holding that space (& holding yourself in check), you will get what you need far more often.

Sit with it – I dare you. It will pay off in the long run.

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