How To Use Your Core Values

Career Coaching: core values. What are they? How do you find them? And why do you need them? Core values work with coaching clients is such a privilege because it is so intimate, it’s heart-based work. People usually only have three or four core values. How do you find them? It’ll be a word that makes you feel emotional, connected or heart-filled. HERE is a list of potential core values to choose from. See which resonate most strongly with you.

THEN, when you have three or four, get somebody to hold space for you and ask you this question:
“What does [insert value] Do for you?’
get them to note your answer
get them to ask again “What does [insert anser] do for you?
again get them to take note of your answer
Get them to ask again “What does  [insert the last answer] do for you?”
Keep repeating this process until you respond with an answer that brings tears to your eyes… THAT will be one of your Core Values. 
What’s the benefit of being able to name them? What you have now is your own bespoke internal compass. What is the benefit if this? If a job, or role, or sector isn’t going to honour them, then really, you “need not apply!”
Career Coaching: Core Values
How much of your precious energy will that save!!!!????!!!!
It doesn’t mean that you can’t do that job. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. What it does probably mean is that the position won’t be sustainable in the long term. That can mean Move right along…

Career Coaching: Core Values

So why just take something that is a stepping stone? Why not just go straight to the role you really need, the one you really deserve…?
Armed with your Core Values you can legitimately and with confidence, choose not to put your energy, time and commitment in that direction… permission to move right along. And then what happens is that space is created for the “rightful” thing to come along for you…
Identify and Honour Your Core Values: I dare you! 

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