Career Coaching: Decisions

Career Coaching: Decisions. There is no getting away from the fact that we need to make decisions. We need to make decisions in order to live. We need to make decisions in order to work. Even coming to career coaching does not put off the fact that you will, eventually, inevitably have to make a decision about your next step. No coach can make your career decision for you.

Why is it difficult to make a decision? It’s difficult because people are frightened of getting it wrong. What guarantees do you have of making a good decision? The truth is that there are never, ever any guaranteed outcomes, ever. The best we can do is to inform our decision-making process. The caveat I make is that best we keep it simple.
career coaching decisions

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Big brains and decisions are rarely a good combination. A big brain can make the simplest decision rather complicated. Those with big brains are much more likely to over-research, over rationalise and procrastinate until they are blue in the face. These people will play mental ping pong with themselves as they try to navigate the training by thinking. It’s an exhausting process as if by 3 am you have resolved to do one thing and then when you rise to do the same old job at 7 am, resolving to do the other, there is nothing to show for all this effort! No change has happened at all. So, by all means, come and talk to this coach of your current frustrations and aspirations. You will likely gain some clarity, even if it’s to witness the circles you are going in.

Career Coaching: Decisions.

However, the reality is that you are not going to know if a career is for you until you make a start. This can be an informed choice in so far as if you don’t like animals then training as a vet is not worth the investment. However, if you have an inkling that something might appeal then perhaps it’s time to give it a go. I am not suggesting you quit your current job now and abscond to a different sector. What I am advocating is that you might go and talk to so one who does the job. If it still interests you then you might want to shadow them for a day or two and see what is really involved. Then it might be worth looking at ways of training or entering the profession.
“…the reality is that you are not going to know if a career is for you until you make a start.”
Stop researching it to death on that internet and instead go and talk to people. Come out of your head and out of the World Wide Web and instead get hands-on here on the real world and see if you like it. And when it comes down to it, if you are hanging trouble deciding between HR or Finance, maybe toss a coin. Firstly if the ‘wrong’ side flips up you will know it in your gut. Secondly, whoever you do, either will probably take you to the right career in the long run. I have a firm believer that we do all end up in the right place in the long run so long as we are open to the possibilities that arise. No possibilities will ever arise if you stand stick still. “Thinking about it”.
Sometimes you just have to take action, any action. Just show up and see what happens. That’s when the possibilities begin to open up before you …
Show up! I Dare You!

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