Where to Use Your Energy

Career Coaching: Energy Isn’t it interesting what we learn when we take an objective look at our actions and our thinking? Having just harnessed the data from a 14-day energy experiment I was asked to complete, some of the outcomes were obviously, some much less so.

Aside from those half-hour entries that voiced: “Doing: being interrupted by my alarm AGAIN. Feeling: FFS Thinking: FFS!!!!” & it was a VERY Annoying process indeed. 40, half-hourly interruptions for 20 hours a day for 14 days straight was trying! At least we didn’t have to do it whilst we were asleep – that would have been way too like early motherhood.

It was really worth it though. I learned heaps about myself.  So, facebook genuinely IS a drain – ok so maybe we knew that. Also that internet research to ‘find exactly the right thing’,  was actually procrastination in disguise. Oh… I can catch myself out at that. I also learned some much more fundamental truths that will help me sustain my life: Often it is the very things that cost me the most energy, that give me most back in return! Damn it – no excuse for not running in the morning then …

I learned that my son is my reward. I am frequently late to collect him from school, upsetting us both! And that is because as a ‘responsible workaholic’, I cannot have my ‘reward’ until I have finished my work. Now I know that’s the case I can skip that bit and scoop him up on time, completing other stuff when we get home. Aw! He’s my reward – how awesome is that! I learned that where I had thought that motherhood was first and foremost in my priorities, it is nature and spirituality that are my nourishment. These are not luxuries or day trips for me. These are the things that sustain me on the deepest level. Do these and I can do anything else. A case of putting my own self oxygen mask on first.

Career Coaching: Energy

And I also learned that I am doing the right job. Whilst the admin of my business can deplete my energy, the face to face coaching, the supervision and the mentoring, all lead to feeling ‘energised’, “delighted” “in flow” and “satiated”. Perfect! At last, I have the evidence I need to prove, that after years of feeling deeply unhappy with my professional development. The last decade, and I guess the next one, have been a total success. As they say 

“what you feed grows and what you starve dies”

Choose where you direct your energy and you too can have this professional satisfaction. The questions will be hard but the outcomes will be SO worth it!

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